I am passionate about online marketing, social media and website development and I love sharing my knowledge with others. I often speak to chambers of commerce, associations and more. If your group would like a presentation on any of these topics, please let me know. No charge for non-profit associations.

Want specific training for your company? I am happy to tailor a course to your requirements and deliver it on-site.

Online Marketing – Driving Traffic to Local Business

Local Internet Marketing is the use of geo-targeted strategies such as Google Places, directories, and social networking to complement your Website and help local people find your business on the Internet. This workshop is on how you can employ Local Internet strategies to improve your search engine placement. These are things you can do yourself, most of which cost nothing.

Online Marketing – Widening the Net

A presentation on how marketing on the Internet has changed. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) used to be the ‘pinnacle’ of online marketing but now it is just a piece. Learn about the changes and how your business can benefit.

How to make money with Social Media

Social Media is about relationships and not instant results. Plan how you will make these resources work for your business. Explore the various methods available with FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn to drive revenue to your business.

LinkedIn: Making Connections for Business Success

LinkedIn is an incredible tool for making business-to-business connections if you know how to use it. A variation of this talk is “Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Job Search.”

These presentations are directed at business owners, managers, IT and marketing people. They range from a half hour to two hours. Please email or call (207) 839-7795 if you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your organization.

Or if you would like personal or small group training on using Social Media or other online tools, please let me know.