Social Media

I’d much rather be sailing than trying to come up with a tweet, wouldn’t you?

How do you use Social Media so that it increases sales, list building, exposure, etc.?

Do you struggle with keeping your social media posting current? Does it overwhelm you?

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Unsure about Social Media? We can help.

Social Media, including such forums as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, blogging and email, can be overwhelming. However, it has become an essential part of business marketing.

InfoHarbor can help you select the right places to be, help you setup a social media plan, and train you how to make the best use of those places. We can help with ideas for content generation and sometimes we even do it for you.

We can help you in three different ways:

Train You to do Social Media
Let’s take the mystery out of Social Media. We can teach you how to use the Social Media that is right for your business goals.
Guide You in Social Media
Let’s find out what your business needs to accomplish in social media, setup the appropriate fan pages, create some sample posts and get you started.
Do Social Media For You
Let us help you meet your social media business goals. We can setup the appropriate fan pages and do the posting for you.

Yes, social media can take up a lot of time, but the results should be worth it then, right? Let’s talk about how to meet your goals using social media. Call InfoHarbor at (207) 839-7795 or click to email us.